Last Updated: February 11, 2021


Licensing Policy​ ​of​ ​Melissa Opie and

By purchasing any product from, you agree to

the following licensing rules.



The following items from are designed to provide you with templates that you may brand for yourself and re-sell: 

  • The Freebie Fix

  • Planner Potion

  • Life Design Workbook

  • Body Love Guided Meditation

  • Meditation Scripts


The templates provided within these products are under the Commercial Resale License. 


This means that you may copy all Canva templates provided within these products, brand them for your own business, and sell the edited version to your audience and clients.


This is a single-use license and therefore cannot be shared with other coaches, consultants, or service providers for their own personal or commercial use. 


Any and all educational materials within these products DO NOT fall under the Commercial Resale License. This means that you MAY NOT copy the content provided in tutorial videos and any other worksheet materials provided by 


Here is what you CAN do with the content:

  • You may edit the text and graphics within the templates

  • You may put your own name, logo, and colors on the templates

  • You may publish the edited materials on your own website as a paid product 

  • You may change the content and layout of the templates in any way 

  • You may sell the edited materials as your own, without crediting


Here is what you CANNOT do:

  • You cannot sell or share in any way the licensing rights to the templates 

  • You cannot sell or share in any way the original editable Canva designs 

  • You cannot sell or share in any way the original templates without making adequate revisions to them with your own content and branding. For example, you cannot sell or share the templates with the same titles, names, headlines, or sub-headlines provided in the original Canva designs.



The following items from are meant for your educational purposes only and are not licensed for resale: 

  • Beautiful Coaching Society 

  • Email Elixir

  • DIY Meditation Workshop

  • Habits To Happiness

These products are for your personal use only and resale or sharing of them in any way is strictly forbidden. 


Any product that is not explicitly listed in the above Licensing Rules falls under the Personal Use Only License. 


Breaching of any of the above Licensing Rules may result in legal action in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.


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